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Lenovo’s partner activation campaign with Cleo

Lenovo, one of the world's leading technology companies, is well known for their PCs, laptops and smart devices but less so for their infrastructure solutions that include server, storage and cloud platforms. That's why Lenovo asked us to launch a campaign that targeted their partners, who are already well established

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MK Marathon

Yesterday our Chairman and Head of Innovation and Planning, Jason Sibley, completed the MK Marathon to raise funds for the Winter Night Shelter in Milton Keynes. Helping thousands of people at different points of crisis, the Winter Night Shelter provides amazing support to rough sleepers, sofa surfers, people in emergency

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What is Earth Day and why does it matter?

Happy Earth Day! Today is all about raising awareness around environmental protection. It’s an important day as it inspires action against the various environmental challenges our planet faces, such as the climate crisis, air pollution and deforestation, and highlights the state the planet is currently in.  In fact, climate change

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World Creativity and Innovation Day

Happy World Creativity and Innovation Day! From artistic expression and interpretation to economic, social and sustainable development, there is no universal understanding of creativity. That’s why World Creativity and Innovation Day provides people with an opportunity to solve old problems in new ways, which is something we do at Creation

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The benefits of a spring clean

As the clocks spring forward, there’s no better time to have a spring clean. Whether you work from home, in the office or on the road, a tidy desk equals a clear mind and a spring clean has been proven to benefit your health. In fact, a study by the

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April Fools’ Day

Happy April Fool's Day! Today is the day people traditionally play practical jokes on each other and have fun trying to make other people believe things that are not true. In the UK, jokes and tricks can be played up until noon, as after midday it's considered bad luck, and

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Global Recycling Day 2023

As a conscious employer and service provider, we’re taking action to build a low-carbon future. That’s why we are passionate about Global Recycling Day and promote recycling, reusing and repurposing items across our business.  In fact to help our planet, in 2021 we sponsored one of Carbon Kapture’s asparagopsis (red

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New Services

In 2023, competition for buyer attention and brand awareness across advertising, sales and marketing is at an all-time high. And with a rise in digital marketing spend, tech-native buyers and the value of data, the costs of everything, such as cost per mile (CPM), cost per lead (CPL) and cost

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