It’s not just about the cat

At Creation, we may love our curious cat but in our weekly pets’ corner we’ve been showing a lot of love for our pet dogs too! Our furry friends are more than just pets, they’re our company when we’re working from home, they keep us fit in our lunch breaks and even contribute to our Zoom calls (sometimes a little too vocally!).

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Petrofac meets Creation

We’re delighted to welcome a new client in September, Petrofac. Petrofac is a leading international service supplier to the energy industry. We 'won' this work via a series of "speed dating" events and a further in depth interview with the wider Petrofac team.

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For healthy minds

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people work with the majority now working from home. With this in mind, mental health and wellbeing has never been more important, and at Creation Agency our people come first.

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A is for AI in Advertising

TLDR: We cracked how to use AI to make your paid media the most competitive online that it can be, so you deploy measurable ad spend that drives pipeline and growth. Read on for more info - there's also a video - or save yourself some time and just scroll

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A warm welcome from Singapore

In early 2021, Creation Agency expanded into Asia Pacific (APAC) by opening an office in Singapore, helping us provide a global service to our clients. Bringing a curious mindset, regional insights and a wealth of experience, our expert team uses their local knowledge to overcome the challenges of a diverse region.

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Take The Lead: finding a lead generation company

Just because you’re selling to a lot of people doesn’t mean you’re selling to everyone you could be. Maximizing every possibility, and making more possibilities happen, is what lead generation is all about. There is conversion potential in far more leads than you might think. Speaking from our own experience, up

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